Moscow Summit on Peace Agreement and Prevention of Bloodshed: Naderi

Moscow Summit to focus on peace agreement, prevention of bloodshed: Naderi
By Khaama Press / in Afghanistan / Tuesday, 05 Feb 2019
Source to article on Khaama Press

Syed Mansoor Naderi, one of the prominent political and religious leaders of Afghanistan has said that he and some other prominent national figures have participated in Moscow Intra-Afghan Summit to discuss ways to prevent further bloodshed, end conflict, and a peace agreement.

He made the remarks in response to a question that if the Moscow summit is an intra-Afghan summit and that why the Afghan government has not welcomed the summit?

“Yes exactly, this is an intra-Afghan summit. Representatives from different groups and sects of the community including national figures, politicians, women, and experts will participate in the summit to hold talks with the Taliban. This is an intra-Afghan summit hosted in Russia where all political movements, national figures, women, and representatives of parliament houses are present,” he added.

“…we have participated in the summit to prevent bloodshed, end conflict and achieve a peace agreement which are the demands and hopes of the people of Afghanistan. Russia plays a facilitator role in this summit.”