The current focus for I.A.D.C Inc for 2014-2015 is Broghil Valley in the Chitral region of northern Pakistan. The issues of this region are many and complex but revolve around its poverty, harsh climate and its inaccessibility.

We have extensive information on our initiative here on that you can read. We have articles, links to documentary films, blog posts and other resources. Once you investigate this situation, you will understand why it was selected our premiere program.

There is also a new Northern Pakistan Maps page.

Our own investigation of this region began in 2014 with a trip to Gilgit-Baltistan and our next expedition is planned for Fall 2015.

IADC Inc USA is also supporting efforts in Tajikistan after catastrophic flooding and mudslides in Pamir. You can read more about the current situation HERE

How You Can Help:
I.A.D.C Inc. needs your support and your help. If you can volunteer and human resources, please contact us. You can DONATE to our programming HERE.