Report from Chitral – Urgent Update

IADC Inc has just learned of a humanitarian crisis underway in Northern Pakistan due to regional floods in Broghil Valley, Chitarl. Associated Press reports:

“Police say monsoon rains lashing northern Pakistan cause flooding that kills another 24 people

Associated Press
July 25, 2015 — 3:35am

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Heavy monsoon rains lashed an already-deluged northern Pakistan before dawn Saturday, as rescuers found the bodies of another 24 people killed by the flooding inundating parts of the country, police said.

The latest fatalities in Chitral in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province brought the number of deaths blamed on the flooding this week to 42 nationwide.

Local police official Abdul Qayyum said that rescuers in the past 24 hours found the bodies of 24 people in the rubble of homes around Chitral.

He said at least 30 people have been killed in Chitral since Sunday, when flash floods hit the region, affecting some 300,000 people and destroying bridges, roads and homes.”

Villages are buried under debris, dozens of people killed, homes destroyed, bridges washed away, essential supplies are dwindling.

Local Umar Rafee reports to I.A.D.C Inc.:

“We are badly affected by floods in Chitral, all roads are blocked, people cannot travel and food insecurity will get raise in future in place like Broghil. Many houses are washed away by floods, bridges, even human lives lost and people require supports from any one. We have suffered losses in million dollars and went back 20 years.

FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance and Army has been supporting but it is beyond their financial and human resources. The Prime Minister, Imran Khan and Chief Minister have paid visit to the Chitral but no one can composite the losses occurred to the families. Homes have been washed away, lands, agriculture, gardens, fruit trees and people more than 500 households are in tents and roads are blocked and will further create issues for other valleys to get food items from main town Chitral and it has been such … [garbled]

We need cash support for BYLSO (Broghil Yarkhun Local support Organizations), being the local single organizations need to provide food items for poors and we cannot able to receive direct food or clothes due road blockages and you can upload the vedioes, reports on Chitral flood from Pakistan news channels and other source.. Visit and and other sites for detail.

There are two passes Via Darkhot, Yasin valley of Gilgit 10 hours trekking by foot to broghil and another Via Ishkoman valley two full days trekking to Broghil.. I cannot access directly by jeep .. but i need support to take with me to my valley for the affected families and people who require like basic three times food items.

I know when the road gets cut off for the city and their agriculture get damage and there is no organization and people around to support with cash more than 100 families and like we need food items to arrange for small children and women and if not for all Rs 1 Million”

This current crisis exasperates an ongoing crisis that began last fall:
“Since August 16, torrential rains and flash floods have wrecked havoc in the scenic valley of Chitral, which is located in the extreme northeast of Pakistan along the Afghan border.

… over 25,000 people stranded in far-off villages…”

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