IADC USA is an organization whose initial mission began to help the people of Northwest Frontier Pakistan which His Highness Aga Khan referred to in March 2014 as an area of chronic need.

Upon further research we learned from the locals, journalist and newspaper articles of that particular region the exact reason for this concern. We discovered that since for the last 10 years, the lack of funding has stalled continuing assistance.

Therefore our organization, International Aid for Developing Countries, plans to sponsor an extensive campaign of community development projects to benefit residents of deprived Northwest villages to meet a wide variety of health, social and economic needs. These include:

• Health issues due to opium addiction to survive six months of dead winter and bitter cold.
• Refurbishment of homes with inadequate ventilation and degraded conditions to allow families better withstand the harsh Northwest Pakistan winters.
• Providing community wells to assure a healthy water supply especially during winter.
• Providing training in marketable skills and crafts to allow residents to start small local business to generate additional revenue to improve family and village living conditions.
• Installing Green Houses to grow their own crops during the dead winter and throughout the year since agriculture is not feasible due to high elevation and inclement weather conditions.

To better accomplish these and other pressing needs, IADC Inc seeks partnerships throughout the world to provide seed money and other resources.

Our overarching goal is to help the poor in Pakistan and other developing societies to significantly improve their lives and enhance opportunities. Both Islam and Christianity serve these goals, and helping the poor is a universally-approved attribute. Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to hearing from appropriate parties soon.